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Why TokenBuilder

Our platform offers you A-Z knowledge on token issuance. Having worked on this sector since its inception, back in 2016. Now, thanks to AI, we can offer all this knowledge and more, including:

Knowledge & Processes

TokenBuilder AI-Toolbox enables you to come up with a comprehensive strategy that covers tokenomics, launch plans, and marketing strategies.

Partners & Deals

No team can execute a token issuance alone; you need partners like launchpads, exchanges, and market makers. We help you with partner introductions and even deal terms, so that you can build the best network for your needs.

Lifecycle Support

Successful utility tokens demand continuous innovation and Real-World Assets (RWAs) require robust on-chain/off-chain connectivity. All tokens necessitate ongoing marketing. Our TokenBuilder AI Toolbox delivers persistent development and marketing insights across your token's life cycle.

Key Features of the TokenBuilder


Project Builder

Get project and token basics right with our onboarding, planning and token design tools. Streamline your data right from the start.


Tokenomics Builder

Tokenomics Builder enables you to easily test different scenarios for pricing, allocations, lock-ins and much more.


No-Code Token Minting

A library of open-source, third-party audited smart contracts for token launch and management.


Legal Builder

Save time and money with an AI tool that drafts your token's Legal Opinion, ensuring compliance with regulations such as MiCA.


Marketing Builder

Marketing Builder offers tailored marketing solutions for projects, ensuring ongoing engagement from start to finish.


Partner Hub

TokenBuilder connects projects with exchanges, launchpads, market makers and accelerator programs.

Vertical AI-Tools, purpose
built for Web3 Projects


TB proprietary data including 8 years
of token issuance data

Rules & Regulations, including up-
and-coming MiCA

Licensed partner data and OpenAI’s

TokenBuilder Copilot

Chat module trained to assist projects throughout the entire token issuance process, from token design and pre-issuance to the Token Generation Event (TGE) and beyond.

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Token Types and Networks

Utility Tokens

Utility tokens grant holders access to services, features, or benefits within the platform, such as voting rights, discounts, or the ability to use the platform's functionalities. These tokens do not represent ownership in a company but are essential for enjoying the full experience of the project.

Real World Assets

RWA tokens represent a claim or ownership interest in a tangible or intangible asset from the real world, such as real estate, artwork, or commodities. These tokens aim to bridge the gap between traditional asset markets and the token economy.

Meme Coins

Originated from internet memes or have a humorous or viral concept. Despite their often lighthearted nature, some meme coins have achieved significant market capitalization and a dedicated community following.

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TokenBuilder is a next-generation tokenization platform that combines a decade of real-life crypto knowledge with AI to bring clients the best practices AI-Agents for enabling anyone to issue tokens with no-code basis. The world will be tokenized.


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